About The Council

Some facts about Padstow Town Council & the staff

Padstow Town Council has 12 Councillors, nine of which represent Padstow Ward and three representing Trevone. Each Councillor serves a term of four years. Every year the Council elects one Member as Town Mayor who is Chair of the Council and one Member as the Deputy Chair of the Council and Deputy Town Mayor.  Members’ Registers of Interest are held on the Cornwall Council website which can be viewed on this page at Cornwall Council’s website.

The Town Council meets on the last Tuesday of each month (except for the December meeting which is usually brought forward to the middle of the month) at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber, Station House, Station Road, Padstow. There is a public session at the start of the meeting when the public can address the Council.

The Council also has the following committees that make recommendations for the management of its business:

  • Planning
  • Finance & General Purposes
  • Leisure Tourism & Open Spaces
  • Highways Roads & Transport

The Council employs a team of 4 full-time, 6 part-time staff headed by the Town Clerk to implement the Council’s policies and services.

Padstow War Memorial CrossAll employees are encouraged to continue their personal development to keep up with the latest legislation e.g. Health & Safety, First Aid and Local Government Statutes. This happens through various local courses; NALC, SLCC, South West Provincial Employers (SWPE) and the University of Gloucestershire.

Office Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 4.30pm.
The Office is closed on Bank Holidays